Good Music. #1

Good Music. #1

 "Have you heard this song ?..... How have you not heard this song ?!"

Constantly we are surrounded by bad mainstream music that is "catchy" (subjective opinion) it some how got recorded on a track and played millions of times. Cut to, we find our selves IN THE WILD...waiting in line somewhere or doing a task at work and we hum the cringey god awful tune! I'm 100% guilty of this... Jason Pardi -Night Shift,  prime example. Horrible... but no judgements, but if you're into thats fine....just saying. 

There was a time / pockets of time, where music was made with instruments and electronic music was not a thing (there is a time and place for this genre of course... im not your parents...c'mon). I think bad music has always existed it was just up to you to seek out better for yourself.

The aim here is not to share music and label it as:


I will write these for you all in the hopes that maybe you can take some of it on board. Some selections will not be for you, but thats ok. The point is to diversify genres and discover something you DO like. I'll add a couple each week sometimes 5, sometimes 20, who knows ? I'll have a little blurb about them and that will be that.  Queue them up give em a listen ! 

If you made it this far... We'll start with a little soulful stuff !


Tesky Brothers - So Caught Up

This Group is comprised of some Aussies that have a horn section, guitars, drums, bass and some rad vocals. The cool thing about music is many times people's appearances don't match their voice it gives us the wow factor. These guys: prime example.


Junius Meyvant - Neon Experience

Singer from Iceland with some soul I first heard this song back in 2016. Another band with a horn section, violin and quite a few musicians involved to bring you this sound.


Marcus King - Wildflowers & Wine

Marcus King has a couple straight up (bangerz) great songs. However, this one will fall under our sub category and not so much in the country realm. Break open a bottle of wine with your lover and dance to this after a home-cooked meal you both helped each other prepare after a long day in the sun. 

This version is so you can be surprised....

This Is the studio track:


Sam Lewis - I'm Coming home

This guy opened up for Chris Stapleton when I saw him in 2016 and his voice and use of keyboards and pianos really drove home that southern soul music to me. A good Sunday morning hangover or just out in the yard working song for all you who's crazy days are over (like myself).... drink one more for me!



Zach Deputy- Put it in the Boogie

If you need to get up and move/ you are at work and have to knock some stuff out... look no further this man has got you covered.


Orgon - Dont Stop (ft. Tiffany Austin)

Orgon - Sophisticated Honky

These TWO tracks by this group Orgon are a good example of people still making funk music in this day and age. Equipped with a horn section and funky bass lines Sitting in on this recording session would be pretty fun. If you feel like roller skating with your significant other throw some Orgon on. 


Sade - Cherish The Day

If you were a 90's baby odds are your mom and dad played this album at sometime or another if they were into music. Maybe in the other room...

Her other one is "Smooth Operator" if that gives you an idea of who she is. That clean guitar, angelic vocals and back when live music sounded almost better than what was on the record. Give this one a listen make sure its the live version on Spotify!



Tab Benoit - Muddy Bottom Blues 

This guy's Louisiana Twang sounds authentic but doesn't match his Telecaster Playing body. If you like R.L. Burnside you would like this guy.


Shuggie Otis - Me and My Woman 

If you dont make a disgusted guitar face when you hear this and shake your head back and fourth like the nutty professor having the inner monologue of "mmmm mmm mmm no he didn't do that....!"  Then did you really listen to this song ...?



Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs. 

There was a time in the mid-70's - late 70's where British rock trios were forming up and playing what was "Metal" music at the time. By far one of the most underrated but still recognized guitarists of all time to me is Robin Trower. I first heard this song when my dad asked me:

"Do you want to know what we used to skate empty pools to ?"

I love this song and all of his Bridge of Sighs album and Twice Removed from Yesterday Album. Robin Trower is the front man of his band but does not sing which provides us with plenty of shredding on guitar... you have less to think about. The soulful voice of James Dewar also doesn't match his body. If you like Jimi you should like Robin Trower.


UFO - Queen of the Deep

This song is a true gem of the era. another prime example of Mid-70's British "Heavy Metal" This song is one you can imagine smoking a cigarette and idling your GTO at a red light. Michael Schenker's solo on this song is incredible.


Budgie - Guts 

Another British trio from dads vault. These guys make me feel like I could jump a dirtbike over 25 burning cars...first try. The guitar at the beginning gives you a crazy feeling. Listen to this song at high volumes. 



Turnover - New Scream

These guys have a special place in my music heart. Austin Getz. This dude is another example of a voice that doesn't match his body. They had a big presence in the punk scene the past few years and they blew up. They switched up their sound and still sound damn good.


Hana Vu - Shallow 

Four piece band with Hana Vu at the front pushing out clean tones. It's indie in it's truest form.


Clairo - Bags

This girl has millions of listens, maybe you've heard this one maybe you havent either way her band fully embraces the indie scene.


Thats it for this weeks rendition of "Good Music" I hope you enjoyed some of it maybe you could take away a couple for the "Liked" library. I'll be holding myself accountable to you all look out for more blog posts. Thank you for reading this stuff now go buy a shirt and get outside ! 

With much Love and Gratitude, 














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