"Designed in Virginia Beach for good people."

Our Story

We are Veteran-Owned and operated Virginia Beach based clothing company that started in 2016.

We are a brand that puts ART for ART’s sake on quality garments with limited edition runs that provide a brand for the waterman, warrior and outdoors demographic with progressive, forward-thinking art and design.

We are creating art that encourages people to get outside and have authentic experiences in nature. The immediate gratification and ease of having everything from affirmation to groceries at our fingertips has ruined many people’s social skills. We challenge people to think beyond the obvious, get outside, and push the limits of what we think is possible in all facets of the brand. The company is moving into development of technical jackets and wetsuits.

Being eco-friendly is important to us. The hangtag on the garments is crafted from post-consumer paper.Each tag is 100% biodegradable, embedded with flower seeds and assembled by hand before the Rigged For Sea logo and planting instructions get printed on them. Each tag includes a strand of natural Jute twine to connect the garment to the tag. You can plant the tag in soil, water it and in 7 to 15 days, flowers will start to grow!


Brand new

Seasonal Garments.

All our designs are a limited-edition hand pulled screen print on quality garments. Once that color-way or design is SOLD OUT they will be gone forever.

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100% Biodegradable Hangtags

We are passionate about the environment and committed to the eco-system. That is why we are happy to announce that our hangtags are now plantable and 100% biodegradable seeded paper. 

When the tags are planted, the seeds will germinate, the paper composts away and all that remains are the flowers 🌿